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Join Request

30 Nov 2015, 01:35

Did you read the "Want to join HB in GW2" post:
What is your Real life first name?:
How old are you?:
How did you hear about HB?:
    Members running around in WvW in Guild Wars 2
List you're previous MMO expiriences in order of importance.:
Who would you decapitate with a large 2H sword in RL if you could so with no consequences?:
    Do you have Teamspeak installed?:
    Do you have a working microphone?:
    What is you're Teamspeak username?:
    When are you most likely to be active?:
      American Primetime (EST)
    Which weekdays is it most likely you will be online?:
      Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
    What is your Acct ID? (Eg. Gjeep.0007):
      I Hate Dr Pepper.9681
    What is your main character's Profession?:
    What Rank/Level is your main character?:
    Please describe your main's gear as far as stats and composition as to best describe how you would contribute to a raid group. List Armor, Runes, Trinkets, Weapons and Sigils.:
      zerk/ptv with trav runes...celestial/zerk trinkets and zerk weapons with bloodlust/force
    List your former GW2 guilds:
    What is your reason for leaving your last GW2 guild?:
      Never joined/left one. To be honest, I'm picky; I try to take my time before I decide on joining a guild as I would rather dedicate my time to 1 guild instead of 10.
    If you had to pick one favorite side of GW2, what would it be?:
    Anything else you would like to add?:
      I hang out in BG teamspeak. Feel free to come chill and play some WvW with me if you see me on.

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