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16 Jul 2008, 22:49

Anyone else getting kicked from game to server screen and then trying to rejoin but it says you're account is already logged in and won't let you do anything?

Is the 3rd time it's happened to me today... Only thing I know to do is go and play some CSS, come back later and hope it lets me in.
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17 Jul 2008, 07:45

knock on wood, I didnt get kicked out once, ofc didnt played that much, about 2 hours
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17 Jul 2008, 09:07

yesterday evening played a couple hours, till lvl5 (first mmo where levelling from 1-5 takes a couple of hours..not minutes) not 1 glitch/LD/GFX bug..or any other bug atall.

but the game is clearly running in demo-mode..atleast i hope, cause the GFX looked like pre-WoW on the details and finishing..prolly low-res for debug-mode.

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