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I swear to drunk, officer. I'm not God.
I swear to drunk, officer. I'm not God.
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[UI] MultiBar (bee-)

11 Jul 2008, 09:57


I welcome you to the beeUI modifications!

First of all the idea behind these UI modifications is to produce the correct results while changing the least amount of files.
There’s lots of great custom UI’s currently available, but lots of them contain custom graphics, lots of modified .xml files, and require more work when it comes to installing, uninstalling, and problems that happen every time Funcom decide to change the UI number which breaks all the custom .xml files included within the modification.

So I have created a couple of single file UI modifications, from the simpler Clear Message, to the popular MultiBar (which gives you a 26 slot bottom bar). No custom graphics and only one single file is needed to make this change.

It won’t break your current UI layout and it won’t destroy the original Age of Conan look and feel.

Anyway, less of the talk. I will let the UI modifications speak for themselves.

A popular 26 slot shortcut bar with an original Age of Conan look. All slots can be bound to keys if that’s your thing, and I’ve removed the hotbar switching by using only static slots. Also includes your 10k latency counter. Works in all resolutions!



Further instructions for installing and uninstalling are available from the ReadMe available in the download.
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