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I swear to drunk, officer. I'm not God.
I swear to drunk, officer. I'm not God.
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[UI] Castbar (Viper)

11 Jul 2008, 09:53


Many casters have probably tried moving right when the casting bar reached the border of the graphics, only to see "Interrupted" pop up and hence, no cast.

I'll spare you the details about why this happens, but instead provide you with a solution.
This casting bar mod will both change the look of it but also at the same time make it precise, so you no longer have to spend seconds of casting time only to have your spell not go off.


Version 1.0.5
- Fixed wrong path in archive file, resulting in no textures being show.

Version 1.0.4
- Updated version number.

Version 1.0.3
- Public release.

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