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I swear to drunk, officer. I'm not God.
I swear to drunk, officer. I'm not God.
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[UI] Group window (Viper)

11 Jul 2008, 09:50

Just a different look to the group window. It functions like the standard one does, but just look different (easier read-out).

Image Image

If there's enough asking for something specific (debuff relocation, changes to graphics, etc.), I will look into making it happen.

How to change buffs shown:
If you want to change the type of buffs shown (buff, debuff or both) locate the file "TeamListEntryView.xml" in "cd_imageGuiCustomizedViewsTeamGUI".
Open the file with a normal text editor and at the bottom you'll find this:

    Other filter values are:

A few lines above that text you will see a line like this:


Just change hostile to one of the two other values.

Version 1.0.6:
- Updated version number.
- Removed "xfilter" definitions from TeamEntryListView.xml since they caused the client to crash.

Version 1.0.5:
- The bars are now precise at both end points.
- Debuff/buff icons now has their stack count listed inside the icon (screenshot), which removes the shifting around due to height changes. This change is in effect on all debuff/buff icons in the game.
- The "Dead" text has been replaced with a skull icon (screenshot).
- New pet point graphics and also changed the backdrop to look like the group window (screenshot).
- Out-of-range graphic changed slightly.
- Bars no longer slide down when health is lost but instead use a very subtle clip effect.
- Moved all graphics into the "Customized" directory.

Version 1.0.4:
- Beta release.

Version 1.0.3:
- Fixed buff icon placement.
- Fixed bars shifting when buffs were visible.
- Name doesn't fade out when the player is dead.

Version 1.0.2:
- Public release.

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