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Bear Shamman spec

09 Jul 2008, 11:55

Hey, just some info about the shammy spec...

I've tried a few specs so far, and I must admit I am a big fan of the instant heal in the general line... so I tried this spec just to test it today, but I'm quite suprices about how well it works

see here : ... ef2e2fef19

The "Nature's Revenge" heals for 692, and you have to hit about 15 times for it to proc, that is pretty nice
The "Rampage" is a health regain and dmg add proc, start on about 150 regain, and 14.5 dps dmg add, then slowly tick down 5 ticks, and procs again, it seems like it procs on first attack always
edit added:
Blood Feaver (Aspect) @ lvl 5 gives 20% dmg extra, but lower the Blood Flow and Renewal heal with 22%

This is a offensive spec, or solo spec, but I don't have to have my hot running in order to kill mini bosses that pop when farming materials tho

but for grouping I would still recommend something like this spec, to have some group util, and still have some dmg and util

Prensence of Mind is a must on healers imo having it as a instant is importent, and have saved my life a gazillion times :) ... ecf2ef5ef7

- Gonz
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