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We have t3 now btw

09 Jul 2008, 06:43

And played our first Siege figth...

siege figth lag to much atm..

We were on the attacking side helping avatars to attack Rampages guild keep.

there are issues.

1. a raid is 24 ppl... you can be 48 in 1 side of a siege fight, so communication lack between the raid groups

2. lag... omg.... i would say it is unplayable atm....

3. groups have to contain a group leader from the attacking or defending guild to enter the border kingdom zone.

4. hard to shoot up on the wall.. can be done in some rare instances

5. rhinos are good for blocking holes in the wall

6. defenders spawn in the keep (cheatzor)

Unless they fix the lag thingy ppl wont do siege figths.
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09 Jul 2008, 09:20

I had both graphic lag and connection lag.

I have put every graphic option to minimum and still got freezes and 5-15FPS

Now my machine is not the top one but its not bad either with the 8800GT card f.ex.

I defrag my HDD every few days also so I dont know what else could I do.

All I know, it was compleatly unplayable for me last night :(
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09 Jul 2008, 17:58

not thrilled about theese siege news :(

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