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[Script] Raid loot - Classes/lootname

09 Jul 2008, 00:53

ye I was bored, and it's dark outside :P

but anyways

paste this into a document like the other scrips and put it in the scrip folder and call it something your remember like "lootinfo"

(it have to be in 1 long line)

<a href="text://<center><font color='#FFFF00' face='hyboriansmall'>Raid loot info:</font><br><br><br><font color='#FF0000' face='hyboriansmall'>Priests: </font><br>Priest of Mitra: Illuminant Conviction <br>Tempest of Set: Cloud Cleaver <br>Bear Shaman: Vernant Fury <br><br><font color='#FF0000' face='hyboriansmall'>Rogues: </font><br>Assassin: Deadly Guile <br>Barbarian: Violent Rage <br>Ranger: Jagged Barbs <br><br><font color='#FF0000' face='hyboriansmall'>Soldiers: </font><br>Conquerer: Triumphant <br>Dark Templar: Black Spite <br>Guardian: Valiant <br><br><font color='#FF0000' face='hyboriansmall'>Mages: </font><br>Demonologist: Ecliptic <br>Herald of Xotli: Ardent Fire <br>Necromancer: Dark Terror</center>">Raid loot information</a>


it looks like this btw

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