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Aclhemy aka potions

08 Jul 2008, 14:46

Tier 5: (level 75)

Bonemender Gruel: Poppy Sap, Bonemeal(M) - Health: 55.8 and 117 regen.
Sourbark Ale: Acacia Bark, Black Stout(M) - Health: 279 and 23.4 regen.
Golden Wine of Xuthal: Black Lotus Stamen, White Lotus Pollen, Mead (M) - Health: 306.9 and 128.7 regen.
Black Bloodsurge: Black Arabica, Stickysweet Syrup(M) - Stamina: 46 and 90.5 regen.
Redflow Ale: Ground Haoma, Rich Brown Ale(M) - Stamina: 230.3 and 18.1 regen.
Bloodfire Wine: Mixed Lotus Powder, Red Mustard Seed, Rarefied Wine(M) - Stamina: 253.3 and 99.6 regen.
Ale of Acumen: Nightblack Sage, Black Stout(M) - Mana: 52.3 and 90.5 regen.
Sunhoney Mead: Arundo Grass, Mead(M) - Mana: 261.3 and 18.1 regen.
Narchinthe: Jasmine Petals, Black Lotus Powder, Tincture of Lavender(M) - Mana: 287.4 and 99.6 regen.

those what i can make!!
for +mana, that black lotus powder is hard to get, havent got single 1 yet
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08 Jul 2008, 17:20

hmm i got 4 black lotus powder if needed
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I swear to drunk, officer. I'm not God.
I swear to drunk, officer. I'm not God.
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09 Jul 2008, 07:41

I seem to remember donating a few to guild vault.
But they are not on the spreadsheet anymore so they most already have been donated to someone.
Chinese food to go, $16.89,
Gas to drive and pick it up, $1.68,
Getting home and realizing they forgot one of the boxes..

Im gonna buy a Batman suit and hang it in my closet, just to duck with myself if I get alzheimers.

I'm home, take me drunk...

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